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Sidhiv Pharma - Your Trusted Pharma Partner


Sidhiv Pharma is One Stop Associate for all your Pharmaceutical Procurement needs from India. Sidhiv Pharma is an international pharmaceutical and chemical export company based in India. 

We have been in business with 4 decades of industry experience and support International businesses, manufacturers and Export Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Impurities, a wide variety of Chemicals, Excipients, Formulations and Herbal Extracts at a very affordable cost.

Sidhiv pharma

How it works?

You submit the material list, expected delivery date, specifications, and target delivery location through simple requirement submission form. 

We analyse the requirement and select the best suppliers who can deliver the material at least cost possible without any compromise.

We ensure quality of material approved by you. Material pre-shipment sample can be requested by filling order form.

The order is finalized by signing an online agreement/escrow and order processing started from the very next day.

Material is transported to the client location by air/sea/road. Customers can customize this part as per their convenience. 

We request you to submit your feedback/support query to improve customer experience in our customer experience.

Why Sidhiv Pharma?

Quality Assurance

We assure standard export quality & packing of your material and material from reliable and trusted suppliers.

Scheduled Delivery

Sidhiv Pharma helps you manufacture and plan your delivery. This also helps businesses in on-time schedule and cost optimization. ​

Custom on Demand

Our suppliers can customize the order based on your need. You just have to give the mixture percentage or written definition and we will supply that especially for you.

Our Team is available to support you through call, mail, or any electronic medium with product recommendation.

Dedicated IPR manufacturing suppliers maintain highly secure systems for protection. Sidhiv Pharma also signs NDA to represent the same.

You can now customize your order and get products from different suppliers across the country with 100% quality assurance.

Your money is safe with us and it will be only released once you receive your material making working with new/reliable suppliers easy and safe.

Rare key Materials/Chemicals can be found & having a big network of suppliers, we can avail KSM &, etc in a fulfilling volume.

Change in supplier may create inefficiency and communication gaps. To overcome that we choose suppliers based on your need. 

We pack your material safely and deliver you in all the possible mediums. You can choose air/sea/road based on your requirement.

We also encourage companies to start their research and development labs and processes in India and we help them implement that.

Sidhiv Pharma is the New Royalty Cutter

If you have been paying hefty as royalty to a company for manufacturing, it’s time to move on and let Sidhiv Pharma handle that without any royalty charges. We have been serving clients across globe, We have very reputed associates and companies from Indonesia, Iran, Algeria, USA, Brazil, Ukraine, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Russia and Japan who have been sourcing from Indian through us since long.


A Pharma company (Japan)

(Name hidden for client safety)

We moved bulk API manufacturing to India due to #covid19 and Sidhiv Pharma made it very easy for us to establish a connection, schedule manufacturing, and transport the material in a very small time frame.


Bulk international importer (Africa)

(Name hidden for client safety)
We tried Sidhiv Pharma for Quality testing and I am happy with the pricing and reliability Sidhiv Pharma offered. We are now considering to outsource whole API supplies. 

Confidence Starts with Quality Supplies.

Our supplier’s manufactured drugs are approved by FDA and follow GMP, WHOGMP standards. Sidhiv Pharma focus is to keep clients and suppliers safe and we do it by creating a system that satisfies both parties. 


What Our Clients are Saying About Our Service!

My experience was great.

Sidhiv Pharma helped us find cheapest API manufacturing options. I first found them in back june 2017 and they have been our major cost cutter in API manufacturing.

Samuel Gungell
(Pharma Importer, USA)

Cheapest and on time delivery.

They have been delivering many phytochemical to us on a periodic basis. We are happy to have them as a reliable partner. They delivered on time, are open for communication and most importantly they take an extra mile to cut the cost even further by planning scheduled delivery. 

Tamotsu Oida
(Pharma Importer, Japan)

Material on Demand

Sidhiv Pharma material on-demand service helps international businesses export material immediately for their usage.
Supported Countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Algeria, Korea, Japan, Iran, Vietnam, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine and some other countries.
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Submit your Requirement

Our team will contact you in next 24 hours. |  If case of immediate enquiry, call us on +91 63028 76667