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Product Marketing​

Product marketing requires a lot of research and we at sidhiv pharma help the new product reach the right market segment. Sidhiv Pharma being in business for 4+ decades have international contacts looking for affordable cost-cutting API, new innovative technologies to reduce the production cost. Sidhiv Pharma with good customer base worldwide along with an AI-Based marketing team, new products reach the exact market and gain the big pie in the least time possible.

Sell Internationally without having a big team.

Step 1

Submit a Product.

Submit your product with basic information like usage, target market, targetted price, and production capacity. Once we receive your data, our team will analyze and connect you to understand your vision, intensity, and defined milestones of the product.

Step 2

Market Research

Sidhiv Pharma business team and product-market fit research team does analysis on current competition and ways to compete on the web as well as offline. Once defined we coordinate with you to build a marketing plan and run the pilot campaign. 

Step 3

Marketing & Improvement

Once the pilot program is successful, we put an extensive budget in marketing to scale the reach and improve the sales with exponential growth. Once a marketing medium becomes successful and scaled we start with other mediums to penetrate the market even further to gain a big market share in the business space. 

Yes, You can.

Building an innovative and cost-cutting product is not enough until it reaches the right customers and becomes the biggest pie in the business space.
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